Understanding Biodiversity

Understanding Biodiversity

Society has a fundamental role to play in ensuring that biodiversity is sustainably managed and conserved for our children, the private sector is no exception. The first steps toward effectively addressing biodiversity issues in business decisions and activities are understanding what biodiversity represents, why it is important for human society and how investors can use it to their advantage. Efficient biodiversity provides ecosystem services, such as water; climate and disease control; nutrient cycling and crop pollination; as well as spiritual and recreational benefits, including wildlife-based tourism. It is also acknowledged internationally, that biodiversity forms the cornerstone for sustainable economic development.

Rights of our people

Whilst it is a constitutional right to have our biodiversity heritage protected, many people are faced with poverty, unemployment and degraded environments. Government has a responsibility to improve health and economic growth. However, the competition for the optimisation of land is increasing and the pressure on the remaining natural areas has never been as high as it is now.

Research by the South African National Biodiversity Institute has shown that, at the current rate of land use change, three of our provinces may have almost no extensive wildlife areas left outside of protected areas by 2050.

The Constitution

This is the supreme law of the country. All laws and conduct must be in line with the
Constitution, otherwise they will be invalid. The Constitution was developed with an
acute awareness of the country’s non-democratic past.



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