Mabela Ya Rona

MEBALA YA RONA (our true colours)

The North West Provincial Government is rolling out the Biodiversity Economy Transformation Programme in line with the outcomes of the National Biodiversity and Eco-tourism Lab.


The aforementioned Biodiversity Economy Growth and Transformation initiative is co-ordinated by the Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development (READ) through its Mebala ya Rona Programme, with its key partners and stakeholders. The aim is to facilitate growth in the wildlife, biotrade and eco-tourism economies, to ensure crucial transformation (inclusiveness), whilst fostering the crucial transformational agenda, and building investor confidence.

The initiative will identify individuals, partnerships, communities and cooperatives among previously excluded groupings to facilitate their entry and participation in the Biodiversity Economy.


Objectives of MEBALA YA RONA:

  • Create a platform for communication, information sharing and interaction for various stakeholders in promoting growth in the Wildlife industry.
  • Develop Biotrade and Ecotourism Sectors within the North West Province.
  • Promote the showcasing of best practices and trends in the sector.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a sustainable funding model towards the identification of key potential projects for immediate implementation towards sector transformation.
  • Identification of current challenges within the sector, addressing them, and turning them into opportunities whilst creating an enabling environment for the transformation of the biodiversity economy in the province.
  • Act as a business partner in key biodiversity value chain areas, allowing black owned businesses to leverage opportunities and access to markets.

Mebala Ya Rona Biodiversity Economy support activities across the entire value chain of the sector will cover the following:

a) Wildlife Ranching,
b) Wildlife Products,
c) Hunting,
d) Bioprospecting, and
e) Eco-tourism



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